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Hello, MadFish friends! We are back with our wrap-up column. In this newsletter, we will tell you about the important events, updates, and MadFish partnerships that occurred between October 2021 and February 2022.

In this report, you will learn about the new Quipuswap update, some important Temple improvements, the upcoming Tezos Bridge, and other news from the Madfish Team, supported by our active community.

Latest News and Updates:

In the “Navigating Current and New Open-Source MadFish Products” article, we reviewed all of the company’s current products, specifically focusing on the QuipuSwap DEX. Read about the planned/implemented updates to the main DEX on the Tezos blockchain and explore our official GitHub.

As part of our efforts to develop the Tezos ecosystem and attract a new community, we have partnered with Allbridge. The aim of this cooperation is to create a cross-chain bridge that will connect Tezos with 12 other blockchains. 


On February 10, 2022, a major QuipuSwap update took place, which involved the introduction of token-to-token swaps and pools, multi-hop swaps, and many other interface changes, as well as improved routing and a complete redesign of the platform. You can get acquainted with the details of these updates via the link in our blog.

On February 11, Runtime Verification, a startup that uses formal methods to perform security audits on virtual machines and smart contracts on public blockchains, published the QuipuSwap token-to-token contract audit


In early October last year, Temple Wallet began supporting top-up user account balances using the most popular cryptocurrencies within the app, as well as a separate tab for NFT tokens.

In February 2022, a major Temple Wallet update was released involving transaction routing. Asset swaps through Temple can now go through multiple pools of supported DEXs, providing the best deal conditions. A comparison of swap rates via Temple Router and several other popular Tezos DEXs is available here

MadFish Blog

In addition to updating and improving MadFish products, we published several reviews, comparisons, and analytical articles for Tezos users and the whole crypto community.

Tezos vs Ethereum 2.0: How They Differ — A comparison of the current Tezos blockchain version with the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 update. We consider the relative competitive advantages and disadvantages of the two platforms for DeFi applications based on the PoS consensus algorithm.

TOP 5 Tezos-Built DEXs — An analysis of most of the well-known Tezos-built DEXs, noting their unique features, useful tools, fees, and additional ways to earn money.

Why Are Exchanges So Different on Tezos? — An outline of Tezos blockchain developer’s thoughts on the peculiarities of building decentralized exchanges on Tezos. Learn all about the features of decentralized exchanges in the Tezos ecosystem.

Full Comparison of Different Crypto Wallets for the Tezos Ecosystem — A compilation and summary of all the wallets that can be used to interact with XTZ, the Tezos blockchain, Tezos tokens, and dApps on Tezos.

Journey to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Based on Blockchain Technology — What is DAO? How do decentralized autonomous organizations work, and what is their purpose? This article explores the role of DAO in the blockchain and the prospects for this governing model.

Do We Need a New Tezos Token Standard? — An analysis of two Tezos token standards (FA1.2 & FA2), their strengths and weaknesses, and how their limitations can be addressed.

What Is The Problem With NFTs in the Gaming Industry? — A journalistic study of the problems associated with the use of NFT tokens in video games as well as the background and root causes of the community’s attitude towards this. It includes useful information for both the crypto community and gamers. 

How to Create and Sell NFTs on Tezos: A Guide for Beginners — Detailed instructions for all beginner NFT-artists. Here you will learn how to use popular marketplaces in the Tezos ecosystem to add your works to the blockchain and sell them at auction.

What Is a Blockchain Bridge and How Does it Work? — Learn how the protocols that move liquidity between different blockchains work, what blockchain and cross-chain bridges are, their types, and popular solutions.

Blockchain Games on Tezos: A Market Review — Ratings and mini-reviews of the most popular play-to-earn gaming projects on the Tezos blockchain.

youves: The Synthetic Asset Platform on Tezos — An overview of the decentralized, self-governing, non-custodial platform for issuing synthetic assets on the Tezos blockchain.

Our Plans and Future Updates

In addition, some of the new projects and updates to current products are under development right now. We are planning the following releases soon:

  • QuipuSwap farms;
  • Tezos Bridge;
  • “Yupana Finance” lending protocol;
  • Temple Wallet Mobile App.

Join our communities on Telegram and Discord, where you can ask questions, provide feedback to the developers, and keep up to date with the upcoming updates.

Important: As you may know, MadFish and Tezos Ukraine companies are based in Kyiv. We call on the Tezos community to support Ukraine and our troops in the fight for our freedom, for our desire to build a democratic European country.

More information is available here:

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