Temple Update: Instant Balance Top Up and NFT Tab

by Nikolay Beliavskyi

Temple wallet has received an important update. Now users have the opportunity to top-up their account balances using the most popular cryptocurrencies. 

Anyone can increase their TEZ balance for active use of Temple within the Tezos ecosystem in a few simple steps. 

You just need to choose which cryptocurrency you are going to use to replenish your account and transfer the desired amount to the specified address. As a result of the operation, tez coins will be transferred to your Temple wallet.

The full list of available 26 coins:

Available coins

Now, the replenishment and use of the Temple Wallet, and therefore the entire ecosystem of decentralized finance on Tezos, have become much easier and convenient. 

Also, Temple has received the long-awaited update for all NFT owners. Now you can access your NFTs in the separate tab “Collectibles”, as well as check details of each nonfungible token you have and use the preview feature.

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