TKEY Token, Cashback, Cloud Backup, Rewards for Ads, and More: Meet the Biggest Temple Update

by Nikolay Beliavskyi
temple wallet update with tkey release swap cashback cloud backup and more

Temple token release, 3route integration, cashback for swaps, rewards in USDt for viewing ads, seed phrase cloud backup, additional options for delegating, interface features, and more. Meet the most significant Temple Wallet update!

TKEY – Temple wallet token 

Temple Wallet Token (TKEY) is the native token of Temple Wallet. The new token was created to increase awareness and popularize the Temple Wallet and the Tezos ecosystem. This is the first wallet token for the Tezos blockchain. We continue integrating the best mechanics from other chains and creating our own.

The Temple Token has a deflationary mechanic but is also used for cashback. Users now receive 0.175% of the swapped amount in the TKEY token as cashback, when using the Temple “Swap” section.

Read more about the TKEY token, its mechanics, and tokenomics in this article.

3route integration

From now on, exchanges through the Swap section in Temple Wallet will use the 3route router engine. This will provide more favorable exchange rates between coins as it will cover more pools than before.

Exchange fees remain the same (0.35%).

0xOptimal and rewards for ads 

0xOptimal was integrated into Temple. 0xOptimal is a targeted AD network for web3. From now on, we have added advertising integrations with projects from our partners to Temple. For viewing ads, users will receive rewards in USDt.

Ads can be disabled in the wallet settings, but we would appreciate your support if you decide to keep this feature on and help us continue to develop.

Cloud seed phrase backup 

Users can choose an authentication method with Google (iOS and iCloud soon) when creating a wallet on an Android device. This will significantly simplify wallet creation for beginners and eliminate the need to save the seed phrase manually.

This authentication method will save the seed phrase backup to the user’s cloud service in a hashed form. The backup of the seed phrase will be encrypted with a password that the user creates. Don’t lose your password!

Delegation improvements 

We know the importance of delegating TEZ, which is the basis of how our blockchain works. So we listened to your requests and recommendations and added new features:

Users can now add an unknown baker and delegate their TEZ to their address. Additionally, we’ve added the ability to delegate on T4L3NT Mainnet.

Improved UI and fixed bugs 

We have added an address book to the Android version of Temple Wallet (iOS and soon). So now you can save addresses, just like in the desktop version of Temple.

Additionally, we have redesigned the ‘Buy’ section of the mobile wallet for user convenience.

In the following articles, we will explain many points in more detail. So subscribe to the newsletter and stay tuned!

Thanks for your support.

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