The Temple and Everstake Partnership: Stand a Chance to Win 500 TEZ

by Nikolay Beliavskyi

We are happy to announce a long-term partnership with the Everstake staking platform that aims to increase the attractiveness of Tezos staking for new participants and encourage existing community members to stay with us. In honor of this event, we are giving away 750 TEZ with a main prize of 500 TEZ. Stake your TEZ in Everstake via Temple and participate in our raffle. 

Why Should You Stake Tezos?

Tezos is a secure, reliable, and scalable blockchain that creates Web 3 applications from NFT marketplaces to sophisticated DeFi solutions. Staking your Tezos (TEZ) allows you to earn rewards passively in exchange for your help securing the network. The main advantage of this blockchain is its liquid Proof of Stake (lPoS) mechanism that allows you to earn staking rewards without actually locking your tokens. In simple terms, anyone can earn about 6.1% APY just by holding tokens in a wallet: no locks or vestings are required. It is an excellent alternative to having TEZ on an exchange.

Why Choose Temple and Everstake? 

Temple is the most popular wallet in the Tezos community, with over 200,000 users. This open-source and non-custodial solution was audited by RunTime Verification and Cossack Labs and has a web extension as well as Android and iOS wallet versions. You may use Temple as a great entry point into the Tezos ecosystem and discover the following features: the delegation tab, in-built swaps, the NFT section, the top-up balance tab, and much more.

Everstake is one of the biggest and most reliable staking platforms in the blockchain world. Here are some interesting facts about Evestake’s work on Tezos that you may like to know:

  • Everstake is among the most trusted validators in the Tezos ecosystem, with over 57,000 delegators. They handle over 34M TEZ worth of delegated user funds.
  • Uptime reaches 99%;
  • Everstake duly pays out rewards. So far, their delegators have received over $3,5M worth of delegated TEZ.

How Can You Start Staking?

It’s quite easy. Install the Temple Wallet, add balance in TEZ and choose Everstake in the wallet’s Delegation tab to delegate your TEZ. Check out the detailed instructions in our video below:

You can also calculate your approximate daily, monthly, and yearly income depending on your initial delegating amount here.

Temple + Evestake Raffle

As mentioned above, we are launching a new contest that everyone can join and try their luck. Winners can receive from 50 to 500 TEZ in this staking tournament. No tricky disclaimers, no hidden conditions. 

How to participate:

  • Delegate (re-delegate) at least 100 TEZ to the Everstake validator via the Temple Wallet.
  • Delegation should be legit for at least 37 days (considering Tezos’ first reward period).
  • Existing delegators can join the campaign by staking at least 100 TEZ.
  • Important! If you have already delegated TEZ to Everstake via Temple, you must re-delegate your TEZ to Everstake again. This action allows us to track your wallet participation in the raffle. 
  • Delegated wallet address needs to stay delegated until the campaign end date.

Prize: We will reward five random delegates with 50 TEZ each and choose one lucky winner who will get a 500 TEZ prize.

Dates: The enrollment period will last from August 22nd, 2022, to September 20th, 2022. The campaign end date is October 27th, 2022. Results will be announced on November 10th, 2022, and prizes will be distributed on the same day.

Future plans

As we continue to work on Tezos’ development, we plan to expand the partnership with Everstake. One of our next activities will be an AMA session with the Everstake and Madfish teams, which should be conducted in the next weeks. 

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