How to Farm with Temple Mobile: Earn Page Guide

by Nikolay Beliavskyi

With the latest update, Temple Mobile received a new Earn Page feature. This section allows depositing assets and farming rewards without leaving the wallet. In this guide, we explain how to use the Earn page to make your assets work and also share our further plans for developing and expanding its opportunities. 

Important: from the beginning, this feature has been available only for the Android version of Temple and includes only QuipuSwap stable pools and farms. 

Initial Screen

To open the Earn page, click on a new button, “$ Earn,” on the mobile wallet version header. After that, the user will see the general information and balance stats of its active and available farms. 

This page contains a filter, “Deposited only,” which hides all the farms the user hasn’t yet deposited. As well as sorting by APY or farms’ age.  

How to Earn

Let us show you how it should be done using the kUSD/USDt farm example. You need to click the Start Farming button to deposit your assets to one of the available farms.

As all the available farms incentivize users to provide liquidity to stable pools, they can provide only one of the required assets. Speaking of kUSD/USDt farm, we can provide either kUSD or USDt tokens to this pool. So, choose the tokens you have and select their amount.

Then read the risks and confirm that you understand them before investing in the pool. 

Click on the Deposit button and confirm the transaction. After the transaction confirmation, you can see your balance in the exact farm and available rewards.

If you have full and unlocked rewards to claim, just click on the Claim Rewards button and confirm your transaction. 

How to Withdraw 

Click on the Manage button on the farm you deposited tile and go to the Withdraw section.

Select the share you want to withdraw and click Withdraw & Claim rewards, confirming the transaction.

That’s the basic functionality of the new page, which simplifies the investment process for all mobile wallet users.

In the future, we will add more farms to this section and make it even more helpful for all Tezos DeFi explorers 😎

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