Temple update: In-wallet swaps, Dapp directory, token prices, and more

by MadFish Team

What’s new in v1.10.0

– Swaps

– Dapp directory

– New Activity tab

– Baking payouts (Delegation tab)

– USD prices for tokens


You can finally commence token swaps within the wallet!

Check how to swap tokens in Temple Wallet to make your first in-wallet swap.

Dapp directory

Browse through all active Tezos dApps aggregated in a single continuously updated list.

Find out more in our guide on how to use the Temple Dapp section.

New Activity tab

We have completely reworked our Activity tab.

It now has a smoother look, parses data better, and works faster overall.

Baking payouts

Enjoy the updated look and a shortcut to receiving your baking rewards in the Delegation tab of your wallet.

USD prices for tokens

Every token entry in your wallet (if the token is listed on QuipuSwap) now also shows the USD price of the assets you’re holding.

All prices are fetched directly from QuipuSwap.

Other updates

  • Added ‘Derivation type’ field for ledger connection
  • ‘Send’ form now memorizes ‘Recent destinations’
  • Dapps can now connect to custom nodes
  • Added tips to the Welcome page

Thanks for your continued support, and have fun with the new features!

More to come soon.

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