How to Earn $TKEY with Temple Wallet

by Nikolay Beliavskyi
How to earn TKEY token with Temple Wallet

Temple is the most popular wallet for the Tezos blockchain with over 300,000 installations. Over time, Temple has evolved to become an all-in-one tool for Tezos DeFi users, encompassing activities such as token holding, transferring, staking, passive earning, and more.

Key features of Temple include:

– A secure and non-custodial wallet
– Best swap routes facilitated through 3route
– Full support for Tezos NFTs
– Built-in top-up with both crypto and fiat
– Integrated staking on Tezos DeFi pools
– Passive earning of TKEY, the native token of the Temple ecosystem
– Cashback rewards on swaps.

How to Earn through Advertisements with Temple?

Since 2023, Temple has partnered with several advertisement agencies to introduce a passive income opportunity for Temple development and rewards for users.

In the initial stage, we integrated advertisements from trusted partners directly into the Temple interface, rewarding users who enabled this feature with TKEY tokens. Now, when users enable ads in the installed Temple extension, they will see ads on external crypto-related websites, rather than the ad messages and banners that were previously displayed.

Up to 50% of the ad revenue generated is distributed among users who have enabled the Advertisement checkbox in the Temple extension settings, with rewards paid out automatically approximately once a month.

Based on distribution statistics, active users can earn between $8.5 to $13.5 worth of TKEY tokens monthly, with the value benefiting from deflationary tokenomics that promote growth.

Understanding TKEY

Temple Key (TKEY) was launched in May 2023 to incentivize Temple users further.  TKEY features a deflationary mechanism, with 0.175% of each swap and all rewards from DEX pools involving TKEY being used to buyback and burn TKEY tokens.

This strategic decision has led to the burning of 237,000 TKEY tokens to date, representing around 1.7% of the total token supply, with ongoing burn initiatives.

Moreover, user rewards from advertisements contribute to the buyback of TKEY from the market, ensuring a constant demand for the token and positively impacting its value.

Install the Temple Wallet and start receiving monthly rewards just for using the web.

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