Monthly news digest for September

by Nikolay Beliavskyi

Hello, MadFish friends!

We have worked hard over the last two months and are glad to share our latest news, updates, and achievements with you.

In these results of the month, you will learn about the new Quipuswap token, important Temple update, and new results of the Madfish Team, supported by our active community.

Latest news and updates:

Governance Token Airdrop for all QuipuSWap users

As the first step toward Decentralized Governance, we have issued and distributed among all QuipuSwap users the QuipuSwap Governance Token.

After the first distribution, our team decided to allocate the extra 3% of tokens from the Community incentives pool and send QUIPU to addresses that received insufficient coins during their first airdrop.

You may learn more about QUIPU and QuipuSwap tokenomics from our educational guide.  Also, the current token metrics may be found here.

Temple wallet update

Temple now supports Swaps for the experimental XTZ/tzBTC liquidity pool sustained by the Tezos protocol itself.  You can now access this pool in the Temple’s Swap section. Also, we have made interface improvements, Node selection feature, and import from a Keystore file. Learn more about these updates here.

Temple wallet reached a new high of 50,000+ installations!

Temple’s user base has shown a 5000% growth this year. From 1,000+ at the start of the year up to over 50,000.

MadFish Blog update

Meet the updated blog, where we share the latest news on our projects, as well as dive into the DeFi and Tezos ecosystems!

Educational content 

We resumed the posting of educational content on the ecosystem of decentralized finance and Tezos, which can be useful and interesting for both beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts.

A Complete Review of the Wrap Protocol or Why You Should Move Your Ethereum Tokens to Tezos — Learn more about the features and benefits of a protocol that allows anyone to move liquidity from Ethereum to Tezos DeFi ecosystem. DeFi-as-a-Service or a Universal Farming Solution on Tezos — Dedicated farming platforms as a convenient tool for finding and launching yield farming programs in one place.

Everything You Need to Know About Yield Farming in DeFi — What Yield Farming is, what strategies it includes, how it appeared and why it is needed — read our full review of one of the main tools for the development of decentralized finance.

Yield Farming Opportunities in the Tezos Ecosystem — Let’s take a closer look at the programs and protocols that allow you to farm in the Tezos ecosystem. 

TOP Blockchains for Decentralized Applications — This article reviews Ethereum, Tezos, Binance Smart Chain, HECO (Huobi), Solana, and Polygon (MATIC), the most popular blockchains for DeFi applications.

What Are Oracles and Why Are They Needed in DeFi? — Understanding the importance of Oracles for decentralized applications and looking at their pros and cons.

Thank you for your attention to our products!

We hope we make your experience in the crypto space easier and more interesting. Join our communities in telegram and discord.

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