The results of our NFT raffle in collaboration with Mario Klingemann are ready.

by MadFish Team

A month ago, we launched an NFT raffle where any person who transferred tokens to Tezos via Allbridge bridge and bought any NFT on popular marketplaces could win an exclusive and unique NFT work from Mario Klingemann. We expected it would be a lucrative opportunity for NFT collectors from other blockchains to discover the Tezos NFT world and learn how it is easy to transfer tokens to Tezos and vice versa. Despite the fact of severe marketing conditions, many people seized this opportunity and joined a raffle – more than $61 331 was bridged to Tezos!

Fortune favours the brave!

All people who were brave enough to participate in this event and move funds from BNB/Polygon chains to Tezos – you are great! Each of you was rewarded with a great NFT from Mario Klingemann. 

We appreciate your participation in Tezos discovery and your questions and feedback about Tezos. 

Following your questions and requests, we collected some great insights and ideas that we plan to integrate into our future product updates and make the experience of NFT collectors much better! 

All rewards will be distributed today. If you consider that you participated in the raffle but you haven’t received your NFT, send admins in our discord or telegram your wallet address to check.

Special thanks to Mario Klingemann

Mario, thank you for your faith in Tezos and for specifically creating and sharing these beautiful works with us.

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