The Extended List of 40 NFT Marketplaces on Tezos

by Nikolay Beliavskyi

Since Tezos attracted more new users, especially after the cross-chain bridge launch, we decided to create articles about the ecosystem’s infrastructure and protocols. So, let’s start with the list of NFT marketplaces available for creators and collectors of NFTs on the Tezos blockchain.

General Marketplaces is one of the first and currently most popular NFT marketplaces created on the Tezos blockchain, with plenty of active English or Dutch auctions. In addition to buying or selling, users can create their own NFTs. More than 130.000 pages of non-fungible tokens are available on the OBJKT Explore section.

Rarible is a popular multichain NFT marketplace that supports Tezos. Here users can check the stats of other Tezos marketplaces and popular collections, such as all-time volume and floor price. And, of course, make bids, buy, sell, or create non-fungible tokens.

Famous and one of the oldest NFT marketplaces on Tezos, Kalamint allows users to participate in auctions, receive free NFT drops from different collections, or become an artist and create new NFTs to sell or drop tokens among the community.
This NFT marketplace was created based on the popular Nit et Nunc. Users can explore a diversity of NFTs, including music, video, gifs, and other formats. In addition, Teia supports collections dedicated to important worldwide topics, including the war in Ukraine and Iranian protests.

NFT marketplace on Tezos with a lot of assets and collections. Versum contains a new feature of boards – hand-picked galleries of tokens curated by artists and collectors. On Versum, different types of NFTs, from generated animation to artworks, a wide selection of tags for navigation, and tools for minting a new NFT, are available for users.
NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain aimed at emerging artists. In addition to the collections created directly through the marketplace, provides access to tokens created on Hic et Nunc smart contracts.

OnCyber is a multichain exhibition/multiverse where collectors and artists create 3d galleries of their tokens and collections. Users can make a bid to buy NFTs presented at exhibitions, as well as check their transaction history.

NFT Button
NFT Button is an NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain built by the Buttonists team. Users can create and trade NFT tokens on the primary and secondary markets.

HIC.AF is a marketplace on the Tezos blockchain that HEN inspired. At HIC.AF, users can create and trade NFT tokens in the familiar Nit et Nunc UI and send batch transactions for multiple token listings.

Another Tezos marketplace in the Nit et Nunc design, based on its contracts. In addition to trading opportunities, henext allows users to track the activity of selected artists.

Generative NFTs 

fx(hash) is a popular marketplace on the Tezos blockchain, which concentrates on generative NFTs. With the help of fx(hash), users can buy, sell, and create generative NFTs with some predetermined rules.

ArtForge is an open NFT platform offering artists and collectors services to create NFT collections, including generative features, crowd sale management, and a marketplace. For generative sandbox, users don’t have to use programming knowledge. All listed tokens also appear on the popular Tezos marketplace

Order & Chaos
Order & Chaos is an NFT marketplace of generative tokens. Order & Chaos features generative NFTs from collections of popular marketplaces such as Hic et Nunc, FxHash, Objkt, and Rarible.

Thematic Marketplaces

akaSwap is the first and largest NFT marketplace on Tezos for the Asian community. akaSwap contains a lot of collections from Asian artists. In addition, there are regular events dedicated to Asian countries and nations and their art. Everyone can use akaSwap to buy and sell NFTs and mint their tokens.

The alterHEN marketplace on Tezos is inspired by “alter modern.” A/terHEN is a virtual place for thematic NFT exhibitions on diverse social, cultural, and political topics. Users can explore thematic NFT artworks, read about their artists and ideas, and buy them for a fixed price. 

Byteblock NFT
ByteBlock NFT is a marketplace for Tezos NFTs with a specific focus on India and South East Asia. The marketplace is live in beta version, and in addition to creating and buying NFTs, it contains a secondary mint feature. ByteBlock also supports new artists by providing free XTZ for minting one NFT. 

Kanvas is an NFT platform on Tezos where users can buy tokenized artwork. The marketplace contains galleries and artists’ exhibitions, primary and secondary NFT markets, and payment is available both with fiat and crypto. Kanvas also has improved analytics tools for registered users.

Music NFT Marketplaces

NFT music marketplace on the Tezos blockchain. On AmplifyX, users can find NFTs from famous music artists and participate in drops to get their hands on limited music NFTs editions.

Henradio is a music marketplace created at Hicathon in May 2021. The platform can serve as a music player for all the music NFTs minted on Hen, as well as a marketplace and a live NFT radio station.

Radion is a marketplace for music where users can buy or listen audio NFTs from popular and emerging artists. Some of the music NFTs available on Radion can be purchased on Henradio.

The Tezos-built platform for collected and created NFTs. DNS is also a media player for audio and video NFTs with custom playlists. It also contains a batch minter function.

Niche Marketplaces

In this NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain, only 8-bit and other low-bit pixels NFTs are available. From color pictures 8×8 pixels to color or monochrome pictures 24×24 pixels. In addition to trading, users can create their own NFTs.

An experimental marketplace where Tezos users could participate in an auction and buy colors in the form of NFT tokens. So far, TZcolors has released 1690 NFTs in three categories: Standard, Epic, and Legendary. There are no new auctions on TZColors, but tokens from released collections are available for secondary sale on other marketplaces.

Unique text-only NFT platform on the Tezos blockchain. Users can mint and trade tokens created with text, dots, and special text characters. So, in addition to inscriptions, poems, and quotes, Typed allows the creation or trading of “text drawings.”

A unique marketplace where users can buy, sell and use human-readable addresses for their accounts on the Tezos blockchain.

A marketplace on the Tezos blockchain that allows users to discover, collect and sell sphere NFTs. Sphere.ART also contains tools for creating unique 3d spheres in the form of NFT tokens without programming skills.

Marketplaces for fan-communities 

Gap Threads
A marketplace where users can create their style of Gap hoodie. The platform allows anyone to try to redesign the iconic Gap logo to win cash prizes, NFT tokens, and an authentic hoodie with their logo. It is also possible to buy ready-made NFTs and get hoodies in their style.

MinterPop is a marketplace for comics, cards, and NFT items for a future game on the Tezos blockchain, The Emergents Card Game. Users can take part in card drops and buy them for TEZ or USD.

Marketplace for fans of brands, artists, and athletes on the Tezos blockchain. After registration, users can buy NFT passes to VIP events, concerts, or exclusive content in the form of NFT tokens.

Platform and NFT marketplace on Tezos for football fans. GoldenGoals allows users to buy cards of football players, clubs, and teams and create sports moments collections.

NFT marketplace for the SalsaDAO community with interesting timekeeper tokens, profile statuses, and NFT staking on the Salsa platform.

Marketplace dedicated to tzPunks on the Tezos blockchain. Users can buy already created pixel punks or generate and release new ones.

Sweet is a marketplace that allows brands and organizations to create and distribute NFT tokens among the fan community. Tokens can serve as event tickets, access to limited content, or other ways to interact with and reward the audience. Among the examples are Red Bull Racing NFTs and McLaren Racing NFTs.

Game-fi Marketplaces

A tezos-enabled multichain marketplace where users can trade in-game items from various game-fi projects. Such Tezos games as Tezotopia, Dogami, NEONZ, and more are available on Bloometa.

Tezotopia marketplace
The marketplace of in-game NFT items for the Tezotopia game project on Tezos.

Dogami marketplace
The marketplace of in-game NFT items for the Dogami game project on Tezos.

Upcoming launch

Marketplace for memes. Through Memecast, users will be able to create, sell and buy NFT memes on the Tezos blockchain. Memecast is under development and is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of 2022.

Marketplace for the works of famous artists. Currently under development. It is planned to integrate the mandatory KYC procedure for artists and collectors.

Sliced Art
Fractional NFTs marketplace on the Tezos blockchain. Currently in development.

Temporarily Suspended

An experimental NFTs project on the Tezos blockchain in the form of a mural with 10,000 blocks of 10×10 pixel squares each. After filling all the cells, it was planned to mint the whole NFT and sell it on the HeN marketplace. However, the project has also been suspended due to the stop of Niс et Nunk.

This list is also available in google spreadsheet format at this link.

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