26 Useful Tools for NFT Creators on the Tezos Blockchain

by Nikolay Beliavskyi

Recently we published an article with the most detailed list of NFT marketplaces for Tezos users, where they can buy, sell, or create their own NFTs. But now we collected some valuable platforms and tools for NFT creators. Among them are artists’ DAO, generative tools, batch senders, and analytical services that can simplify the activities of NFT creators who use Tezos as the main platform. So, let’s go. 

Creation Tools and Platforms

fx(haxh) Sandbox
The sandbox on the fx(haxh) marketplace provides artists with the tools to create generative collections with different levels of rarity.  The programming skill is not mandatory; the process is automated.

After registration, talented users can receive gas fee compensation for minting three NFT tokens and trying themselves as NFT artists. Also, users can track the activity of selected NFT creators or collections here.

OpenMinter is a dApp framework for enabling the creation and collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Tezos. The dApp allows anyone to create an NFT by filling in a few fields, creating new collection contracts, seeing their NFTs across contracts, and enabling marketplace capabilities to trade them. Placed on GitHub

Link builder for NFT collections on such marketplaces as Objkt.com, Hic.af, Henext.xyz

Non-Fungible Tokens on Tezos Using FA2
This tutorial shows how to originate and interact with the FA2 NFT contract. Requires programming skills

fx(hash) NO-CODE GAP* Template
Detailed instruction on how to create generative NFTs without programming skills. Placed on GitHub.

Open-source WordPress plugin allowing users to mint NFTs on the Tezos blockchain.

Allows creators to download all IPFS data associated with their NFTs on off-chain servers to a backup collection.

The Tezos WordPress plugin allows importing the Tezos NFT collection into WordPress. Placed on GitHub.

DAO and Helpful Communities

NFT Hypeman
Tezos NFT Hypeman gives away free starter tez (XTZ) to artists wanting to get started with Tezos NFTs

Teia Fountain
Teia (which is a Tezos NFT marketplace) offers a fountain giving away free starter tez to new incoming artists

akaSwap Artist Club
The akaSwap community of artists called Artistclub provides improved models for interacting with the community. The artist can share profits from the sales for their fans who staked akaDAO.

VerticalCrypto Art
A hub for NFT artists with a lot of useful content, curatorial services, content creation, event production, and consultancy.

Tezos Art
Tezos NFT community in Discord

Tezos NFT Discussions
Tezos NFT community in Telegram

For Auctions and Transactions 

FA2 batch token sender that allows sending of multiple tokens to different addresses in a single transaction. It can be helpful for NFT distribution on the Tezos addresses.

NFT Smart Batch Auction
Toolkit for creating smart contracts of NFT auctions on the Tezos blockchain. Placed on GitHub.

Virtual Exhibitions and Showrooms

A platform where creators of 3D models can present them in a virtual world. NFT creators can mint new tokens, choose a place in the virtual world, and create exhibitions and auctions.

Showroom for akaSwap artists where they can create exhibitions of their NFTs.

Analytics and Stats

General data analysis on Tezos NFTs, allowing to build NFT App backed by the TezTok Indexer and its GraphQL API. Useful for stats on NFT marketplaces, tax reports on NFT buys and sales, general data analysis on Tezos NFTs, and stats on art galleries or artist collections.

Developed tools for tracking artists, galleries, swaps, mints, sales, and a lot of other data for NFTs on the Tezos blockchain.

Analytics and tools for sorting NFT tokens and artists based on hicdex.com data with the possibility of batch mint on objkt.com.

Dapp Radar
Detailed stats on NFT markets and collection on different blockchains, including Tezos.

For Enterprises

A platform for brands and organizations that allows them to create and distribute NFT tokens among the fan community. Tokens can serve as event tickets, access to limited content, or other ways to interact with and reward the audience.

Access сontrol management using Tezos NFTs. Placed on GitHub.

Unlockable content for Tezos NFTs. Storing system allowing for locking content that can be unlocked using specific NFT.

This list is also available in google spreadsheet format by this link. (2nd page)

Read our articles about different Tezos NFT marketplaces and valuable tools and platforms for NFT collectors on the Tezos blockchain. Then, follow us on Telegram and Discord to discuss your favorite marketplaces or tell us about missed in this article.

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