Navigating Current and New Open-Source MadFish Products

by Nikolay Beliavskyi

We at MadFish Solutions are firm believers in the principles of transparency and decentralization. For this reason, all the infrastructural products we develop for the Tezos network are open source.

Github repositories for both the Temple Wallet and QuipuSwap codes have been available for public access for a while and can be found here:

We aim to render more products open source as we continue to build. This month, five more repositories were opened for public use.

QuipuSwap Farms 

Smart contracts for QuipuSwap farms are built, internally audited, and then ready to go. We still need time for UI integration and Mainnet deployment, however. Interface fees are supported, incentivizing other platforms to integrate farms into their interface.

There are two options for farming contracts:

  1. Staking LPs or single assets to earn QUIPU. 
  2. Staking LPs or single assets to earn other tokens.

QuipuSwap Governance Token 

QUIPU is a utility token for managing the QuipuSwap protocol. It has a capped but dynamic supply. 

Follow the link below to learn more about QUIPU’s under-the-hood mechanics (i.e., project structure, supply mechanics, minting rules).

QuipuSwap Governance 

Follow the link below to learn about the first upcoming use case for QUIPU, the QuipuSwap governance token.

In short, this feature will allow users to create and vote for proposals by staking QUIPU.

Quipuswap Stable DEX

Stable DEX is the upcoming QuipuSwap feature for price-efficient and low-risk stablecoin trading. We intend to create a solution for the Tezos ecosystem akin to that Curve and Ellipsis have created for Ethereum and BSC, respectively.

Quipuswap DEX 2.0 

Just like you, we are also looking forward to QuipuSwap 2.0. We are happy to say that we have finished writing the code and are now waiting for it to be fully audited. In the meantime, we are happy to grant everyone free access to the code. This not only provides a teaser of the feature but also provides the opportunity for a community audit. 

So, what’s in QuipuSwap 2.0? 

  • Token/token pools 
  • Flash loans 
  • More essential view methods 
  • Better mechanics for voting and baker rewards distribution 
  • Time-weighted average prices for oracles 

And more!

This is all we have so far but there is definitely more to come.

Join our communities and follow us for more updates!


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