New Release. Redesigned home screen UI and Beacon V2 integration

by MadFish Team

In this latest release that happened today on the 10th of December, we have prepared several major UI changes and added support of Beacon V2 for dApps!

In terms of UI, our team has redesigned the main screen for better usability. It is now separated into 3 main tabs:

  • “Assets” — list of all tokens and tez user has in their wallet
  • “Delegation” — a separate tab where you can manage the baker you’re delegating your tez to.
  • “Activity” shows all the activity under the currently selected account such as transfers and contract interactions.

Users are also now enabled to quickly filter assets by typing their search query into the search bar located at the top of the asset list.

Speaking of Beacon V2, this integration gives dApps compatibility across mobile, desktop, and browsers therefore it’s a great step for the whole ecosystem development! Thanos is already included in the compatible wallets list on the Beacon SDK’s UI.

Demo of new UI

Install Thanos Wallet

You can install the extension using the following link:


Feel free to provide your feedback in our Github Issues section:

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