Attention! The Thanos Wallet has evolved into the Temple Wallet. What does this mean for our users?

by MadFish Team

Main reasons for renaming

Development of the Thanos Wallet was started as a small hackathon project that involved our team and turned into a full-fledged application. We were so excited by product development that we had no thoughts about renaming our dapp. Right now, we have more than 1500+  loyal users, friendly relationships with the main projects in the Tezos ecosystem, and huge plans to provide the best-decentralized solutions for our community. To protect our company from potential legal issues and unlock new promising collaborations, we decided to change the Thanos Wallet’s name to the Temple Wallet.

Why we chose the Temple Wallet name

Temple Wallet is not just a name. It is a reference to ancient history. Did you know that the first banks in Rome began in the temples? Many temples held Romans’ money and treasure in their basements and were involved in banking activities such as landing. They were always occupied by priests and regularly patrolled by soldiers.  Temples were built with stone on the highest hills of the city. All treasures were blessed by gods and protected from stealing, fire, and flood.  Priests kept track of deposits and loans. They also charged interest on loans and were involved in currency exchange and validation. Some temples, such as the Juno Moneta Temple, were also mints.

We want our wallet to help develop the Tezos DeFi just as temples developed the Roman financial system.

How it influences our community

Renaming gives us more opportunities to collaborate with big projects and protects us from potential legal risks. We think that is essential in terms of long-term planning and stable product development. Maybe it will be inconvenient to memorize a new name. However, we hope this inconvenience will be redeemed with our new amazing product releases. Stay tuned to our news in the telegram or discord channels.

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