New Farming Opportunities on QuipuSwap and What You Should Know About it

by Nikolay Beliavskyi

Launched on March 30, QuipuSwap farms have been developed during the following months and continue to evolve. We launched new cross-farming collaborations, increased farms’ APY, and made other improvements that we’ll share with you in this article. 


Collaboration with youves

QuipuSwap launched two new farms in collaboration with youves. uUSD / TEZ and uUSD / QUIPU farming pools are available for users on QuipuSwap and youves platforms. These farms will last for four months (until August 2nd, 2022). APY varies from 16% to 156%.

Participants receive rewards with QUIPU and YOU tokens on the respective platforms.

Collaboration with Tezotopia

QuipuSwap also launched a new farming partnership with Tezotopia — one of the most popular Tezos game-fi projects. As part of the partnership, 9 different farms with Tezotopia tokens appeared on QuipuSwap’s farming section. Among them:

Farms will last from 60 to 180 days (up to December 3rd, 2022). Some of them allow participants to earn QUIPU, while others reward users in GIF tokens. Earnings in these fams vary from 47% to 731% APY.

Other improvements

In addition to cross-farming opportunities, we’ve added other important changes and fixes, which include UI/UX improvements, and changes in the rewards coefficient. Our first farms with timelock got an x2 rewards increase, while the first farms without a lock got an x1.5. 

Learn everything you need to know to start farming in our three minutes video tutorial and stay up to date with the latest QuipuSwap news in our Telegram and Discord communities.

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